The secret of stars' crowning glory hits the UK

It’s only been available in the States for two-and-a-half years, yet Moroccanoil has already become the key ingredient in creating Hollywood hair.

Salma Hayek’s a fan as is Hayden Panettierre, and Mariah Carey used it to make sure her hair looked perfect at the premiere of Precious.  

And now, thankfully, it’s over here, with 1000 salons already taking it on since it launched in the UK less than two months ago, with reports it's flying off the shelves within hours arriving.

Moroccanoil is a range of products made using argan oil that is rich in vitamins and other nutrients that nourish hair, while improving elasticity and protecting against damage.

The hero product is Moroccanoil Treatment, a lightweight oil that does just about anything you could ask of a hair product.

It repels water so drying time is quicker, static is controlled and frizz eliminated.

Hair becomes stronger, healthier and shinier and extensions are easier to maintain (as long as you avoid the bond, of course).

It can even be used during bleaching to even out porosity for a more predictable result and to lock in conditioning ingredients during the process, too.

Then there’s Styling Cream - Salma’s favourite - which can eliminate the need for irons by making the results of blowdrying more effective.

Curl Cream holds curls in shape without stiffness, while the two Masks deeply condition hair even if it has been stripped during colouring – great for Afro hair, too.

And GlimmerShine Spray adds unbelievable gloss (the key, though, is to spray very lightly over a finished style and then wait a minute for the molecules to dry before touching hair).

We’ve tried the range and it is impressive, making hair unbelievably soft and incredibly shiny – although, if your hair’s really fine, you may find it becomes a little too soft to manage.

It’s definitely worth investigating, however; results are amazing.

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