Is Nicole Kidman going back to her roots? In recent years Nicole Kidman has favoured a smooth, controlled look, eschewing flouncy styles to wear her hair elegantly straight.

But at Saturday's Screen Actors Guild Awards the actress went back to her roots, allowing her curls to shine through just as she did at the Oscars 16 years ago.

This time, however, the Australian star’s curls were as controlled as the rest of her image.

Instead of wearing the curls au naturel, as she did at the Oscars when she was 26, Nicole’s hair has been blowdried straight and then re-curled in bigger sections than the size of her natural curls.

And it creates a magical optical illusion, reshaping the face and attracting attention to all the right points.

It means hair can be kept straighter around the roots instead of springing out of the scalp in a riot of spiral shapes, the mass of which can make the face look rounder. And as the curls start to take shape a third of the way down the hair, the width they create makes cheekbones look more defined.

The almost triangular shape of the style is balanced by Nicole’s slender, well defined jaw. And that centre parting draws attention to the perfect symmetry of her face.

If you want to do this yourself at home, use large tongs on large sections of hair, working from the underneath sections up and twist the hair around the barrel as you roll to create kinks in the curls.

Leave each section to cool until finally loosening by shaking hair with the fingers from the top and finishing with a little serum smoothed down individual curls.

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