It’s all curls for the girls at Cannes

Roller setting is still the foundation stone for most red carpet hairdressing, but there was more versatility than usual at the last night of Cannes where a twist of the wrist gave each star a completely different look with exactly the same styling tools.

Here’s our guide to how you can use rollers to create a whole festival worth of red carpet looks…

The Kate Wave - To create Ms Beckinsale’s waves on the ends and root lift around the top, use large rollers on large sections, working from the ends up and twisting three or four times until you reach the temple. Then just continue winding with the roller under the hair to the root. Again, brush out.

The Salma Flick - Place the rollers – the same size, large, throughout - on the outside of each section of hair and wind from the ends up without twisting, then brush out to copy Salma Hayek's style.

The Diane Twist - Diane Kruger’s hair was styled around the face and left tousled around the edges. Wind two small sections around each side of the face on large rollers, twisting as you move towards the scalp. Around the rest of the hair, wind just the ends around large rollers, twisting once. Ruffle through with fingers.

Just remember always to leave hair to cool around the roller before unwinding.

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