Wet-look style: cool and sophisticated for summer

An elegant option to keep your hair under control on hot days

'I just haven't got time to wash my hair', 'I can't do anything with these layers', 'I want to tie my hair back, but just it's too short', 'My fringe is driving me crazy'... All these problems can be overcome by opting for a slicked-back wet-look style. It's the perfect way to create a sophisticated look without much effort, and celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen have already joined the trend.

It's a good way to keep hair under control in the summer and can be a really handy option when you're growing out a fringe. Particularly flattering for those with a fine skull shape, it also draws attention to high cheekbones.

How to achieve that wet-look style:

  • For once it's actually better to start with hair that isn't too clean, as freshly washed tresses are more difficult to handle.

  • Dampen the hair and spread a wet-look effect gel from root to tip with the help of a fine-toothed comb, ensuring a complete and even distribution of the product.
  • While combing the hair back and away from the face towards the nape of the neck, use the  other hand to flatten and smooth it against the skull.
  • When you obtain the desired shape, apply more gel to fix the style. Use invisible clips where necessary to control loose strands and finish with lacquer.

  • Remember that it's a sophisticated look, but it can take some practice to get perfect, so it's better to try it out before that special occasion.