British beauty Tess Daly finds the perfect blonde with her new signing

Tess Daly reckons she's found her best blonde shade since school as she becomes the new face of Clairol's nice'n easy 

"Think less 'block' and more 'tones'," urges session stylist Duffy as he takes on the role of working with Tess Daly for her new position as Clairol’s nice’n easy ambassador – her first commercial hair deal.

And the TV presenter claims her involvement with the brand has given her "my most natural looking hair colour" with shade 103 Natural Light Beige Blonde. "It’s the best blonde I’ve been since school!" Tess says.

"The shade Tess and I selected this season is making the most of her natural blonde look that works so well with her skin tones - it minimises the golden tones in her hair," points out Duffy, Clairol’s creative director.

He advises against colour which gives a solid result without the differences in tone you get with natural colour.

"Colouring with confidence is about hair colour that looks natural – so you don’t want to jump too many shades lighter," he adds. "Two or three shades, within the same tonal range (ie, ash or goldens) is a good general guide," Duffy advises.