Is Emma Watson’s chop to grab new role? Emma Watson chose the start of the 100-day countdown to the penultimate Harry Potter film to debut her new gamine crop.

And it’s rumoured the new do could be the first step towards moving away from Hermione Granger, with reports that Emma may be up for the part of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – an edgier character that requires a sharper look.

Carey Mulligan has already confirmed she won’t be taking on the role, yet it’s Carey who Emma now most resemble, with both actresses prepared to stand out from the pack of almost universal long-haired lovelies in Hollywood.

But it’s a look that still harks back to the most iconic styles Hollywood has produced, notably Audrey Hepburn, Leslie Caron and Mia Farrow’s in the Sixties (Mia’s was cut by Vidal Sassoon for Rosemary’s Baby and signalled a new wave of hairdressing that released women from the shackles of beehives and bouffants).

But we think it’s Jean Seberg upon whom Hermione based the sharp little pixie cut she’s now sporting. "It’s a clever haircut," points out Joel Goncalves at John Frieda. "And I love the contradiction.

"But this look isn’t for everybody, even if you normally suit short hair. It looks sweet and elfin, but has a certain harshness about it because it’s so sharp.

"Short haircuts are normally soft around the ears and forehead, but Emma’s hair has been cut straight above the ear to match the angle of her jawline which makes her look stronger," he adds. "It’s a real statement-making style and it’s as much about personality as features if you want to carry it off."

What all of the former stars who’ve made this such an iconic cut have in common is tiny, heart-shaped faces and small, even features.

It’s not a look that suits square jaws or long faces, which are usually better counterbalanced by longer fringes. But any, except the most curly of hair textures, will work with just a dab of wax to add separation.

And if you do decide to try the pixie, use your make-up to play up either your eyes or mouth and most definitely your cheekbones – such a severe look needs balance around the face.

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