Hair care for brown hair

'Brown' hair encompasses a whole range of shades and a host of possibilities

From glorious dark chestnut to a lighter shade of mouse, there are a host of tones and colours that come under the umbrella-term 'brown', which probably makes it the most common hair colour in the world. Despite that, it's far easier to find products specifically designed for blonde, auburn and black hair, and to find advice about dealing with these hair colours. For once, then let's take a look at 'normal' hair:

'Normal' isn't boring
As well as a range of shades, 'brown' hair encompasses just as many hair types as other colours. Whether your hair is naturally oily or dry and brittle, whether it's thick and strong as horse-hair or thin and fly-away wispy, there are products out there to suit it. You may have 'normal' hair, but that doesn't mean that you should make do with the same products as everyone else in the family. Look around and find out what suits you. A woman's hair is supposed to be her crowning glory; pamper yourself: get a good cut, buy a special shampoo, treat your hair well... it can be a real boost to your self-confidence.

Colour me brighter
It's very common for brown-haired women to want to brighten up their natural colour with streaks or highlights that enliven the locks and give more apparent volume. It's important, though, to remember that dyed hair, particularly if it's naturally fine and wispy, has a tendency to dehydrate. This means it needs more pampering if it's not to become dry and brittle. To avoid problems, don't over-use the hair dryer, and choose shampoos and conditioners specifically for coloured hair as well as including a regular deep conditioning treatment in your beauty routine.

Choose carefully

As we said, 'brown' covers a whole range, and what works for one base colour won't necessarily work as well for another. If your base shade is dark, be very careful about opting for blonde streaks, as these may simply look too obvious and unnatural. A richer, more sensual effect may be achieved by playing with two shades of caramel and toffee, or with coppery highlights.

Shock horror! The first grey hairs...
While grey hairs show up more on darker hair, they can make light brown hair look mousey. If you are already streaking or lightening your hair, it may not be so obvious, but if you aren't, you might want to think about seeing what highlights can do to disguise the grey without all the problems of root growth that a full dye job can bring. Henna can be a really good choice as it adds shine and gloss in a range of tones from chocolate to copper, among which, the grey hairs should end up just looking like lighter streaks. You could also try a dye close to your own natural tone, which will simply intensify the colour rather than changing it. Again, the grey hairs will blend in and be disguised as lighter streaks.

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