Beauty question: What temperature should I wash my hair?

The temperature of the water can effect how good your hair looks after washing

At the salon, when your hairdresser starts to wash your hair, she'll usually check and ask if the water is OK for you, and she'll adjust it to suit you. While it's true that when it comes to washing their hair, some people prefer the water hotter, while others prefer it colder, in fact, the ideal temperature is somewhere between the two extremes, and it's best to wash your hair with warm water.

Why warm water? If the water is too cold, it won't eliminate the excess grease, while if it's too hot, your scalp may react by producing extra sebum. Warm water allows for efficient cleansing without aggression and irritation to your locks and scalp.

What about rinsing? Once you've washed in warm water, it's a good idea to use cold water for the final rinse, as this will help to close the cuticle, leaving your hair looking glossier as it reflects the light better. 


  • Hair should be completely wetted before you apply the shampoo.
  • Don't use too much shampoo: rather than making your hair cleaner, this will tend to leave a build up on the hair shaft, which will have a dulling effect.
  • The amount of lather a shampoo produces doesn't indicate how good it is, simply how much foaming agent the product contains.
  • Although it's good to massage the scalp while you wash your hair, don't use a circular scrubbing movement to apply the shampoo as it will only tangle your locks and tie them in knots. Instead, draw the product through the hair between your fingers and thumb, always from the roots towards the ends, as this helps to close the cuticle.