Hair styles and hair loss

Can your hairstyle make your hair fall out?

During the summer we're more likely to give our locks a break from the hairdryer and let them dry naturally. But has it occurred to you that we sometimes substitute other summer habits that are damaging to our hair?

Leaving your hair to dry naturally is good for it, as even a cool dryer is aggressive to the hair cuticle. But if you can't stand the way your hair feels on your neck when it's hot, and automatically pull it tightly into a pony tail or wind it up into a knot you may be doing it no favours. This is particularly true if you don't wait for your hair to dry first, as wet hair is fragile, so make sure you apply conditioner to nourish it, and let it dry before you style.

Even with dry hair, you need to beware, as many experts agree that tight hairstyles are a common cause of hair loss. It's better, then to wear your hair loose or gently gathered, not smoothed and stretched to breaking point. The key, as with most things, is to avoid excess. 

According to Juan Carlos Vasquez, medical coordinator for the international hair-care experts Svenson, “Hair extensions and ultra tight hairstyles including tight pony-tails, are, if used frequently, a cause of hair loss in women.” He adds that it's unlikely that styling will be the only cause and that it is mostly a problem when accompanied by other habits and conditions that weaken the hair, such as lack of nutrients, low calorie diets, and, at times, psychological disorders.

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