Curls not frizz

Naturally curly hair can be problematic

There are many types and styles of curly hair from gentle waves to extreme ringlets, but they all have one thing in common: a tendency to frizz.

So, wherever your locks come on the scale, you need to be looking at treatments and products that prevent frizzing as well as moisturising and protecting.


Washing: To keep curls under control and looking their best, you'll need to use a conditioner, a shampoo, and a deep treatment product that will protect the hair and make it ready for styling. The combination of the first two products will help define and moisturise the curls. The deep treatment should be used at least once a week: apply from half way along the hair shaft and down to the tips and leave it to act. A minute should be sufficient, but if you have time, you can leave it on for longer.

Mousse: After washing your hair, pat away excess water with a towel and apply a small dollop of foam, about the size of a walnut, smoothing it through the hair downwards, towards the tips.

Drying: You can either leave hair to dry naturally or use a dryer, but if you choose the latter, it's important to use a diffuser. Once dry, curls can be left natural, or you can use tongs to make them either looser or tighter. If you want looser waves you can also use a flat brush.

The final touch: Once you've achieved the look you were aiming for, make sure it stays that way by applying a little hairspray. Spray all over, but also focus strand by strand on the specific curls that are critical for the look or which you want to stand out.