Move aside curls - pin-straight hair is in

Bountiful, cascading curls have reigned in the celeb world for some time now.

But it's time to put those curlers away girls - sleek hair is staging a comeback.

Paired with polished pencil skirts and sharp shirts, poker straight locks were all over the autumn/winter catwalks.



And tons of celebs are getting a headstart with this look.

Nicole Scherzinger has been gracing the US X Factor panel with her pin-straight tresses, and Gwyneth Paltrow showcased a similar style when she met Prince Phillip in London. 

Meanwhile, Mila Kunis is also ahead of the game, choosing an ironed do to promote her film with Justin Timberlake, Friends with Benefits.

To achieve the look, start by smoothing your locks with the Express Treatment Conditioner from Dove’s Nourishing Oil range (£3.29

Boasting three times the nourishing power of a regular conditioner, it penetrates deeply to soften, leaving those strands looking ultra sleek.

The look isn’t supposed to be too flat, so give the roots some lift with Trevor Sorbie’s Beautiful Volume Booster (£5.10,


Then blowdry the hair straight using a paddle brush.

Go over with straighteners to even out any kinks, but don’t overdo – the idea is to keep body in the hair.

Here at HELLO! HQ, we love dry shampoo for giving extra volume at the roots.

Try Batiste Dry Shampoo (£1.52, making sure you shake well before use and hold away from head as you spritz.