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Long vs. short: Summer tricks to make the most of your tresses

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Summer holidays – with their blissful promise of sun and cool swimming pools – can wreak havoc on your hair. So we need to pay careful attention to our tresses during these sunny jaunts. Keep the focus on two key points: a good haircut and a combination of protection and styling. Take note of the following tips.

The importance of a good haircut The continuous dips in the swimming pool and the sea, along with the heat, can damage your hair during the summer. Prevention is the best solution. The rule of thumb is to find a hairstyle that requires little combing and few hairpins after taking a swim. This season, HELLO! Online recommends light and airy hairstyles, both for long locks à la Candice Swanopoel and short hair like Anne Hathaway's new crop. That way, you can let your hair dry naturally, which is the best thing for it. Long locksWet-effect gel is a good ally: a wet-looking hairstyle can be very refreshing for the summer. The steps to follow are simple: get a good haircut; wash the hair well; dry with a towel; and apply the gel. Remember that gel gives the hair more structure. But if you have thin hair, we don’t recommend the use of gels because they add extra weight. Instead, use hair mousse, which gives your mane more volume and thickness. If you want a wet effect on thin hair, you’ll be best off using a light fluid and applying it whilst your hair is half dry; you’ll achieve silkier hair and prevent it from losing body. Pixie cuts On short hair, wax is your best friend. Above all, it’s important to choose a non-greasy wax in order to avoid the hair from being weighed down and becoming stiff. Greasier waxes are best used for long and curly hair. Wax should be applied with the fingers. First, heat it by rubbing your fingers together. Then apply it on the highlights and the tips while shaping the hair. If you want to apply the wax all over, spread some on the palms of your hands, rub them together and then comb through with your fingers. Hair powder The latest product for giving hair more volume, especially perfect for short hair, is texturising hair powder. It is applied at the root and on the parts to which you want to add more volume.

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