Top tips for creating volume on fine hair

Fine and thinning hair can be difficult to manage, and adding volume without mountains of products can be tricky. However Ogario London's founder Norris Ogario has revealed his top tips for quickly and easily creating volume.

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Use a large round brush to create volume when styling


Lightly teasing the roots of your hair with a brush or a comb provides a platform for your locks to sit higher on top of your head, creating the illusion of fuller hair.

Blow dry upside down

Turning your head upside down to blow-dry your hair is one of the easiest tricks to boosting your tresses' body in an instant. Do this until your hair is almost dry, then flick your head back up to finish off the style.

Change your parting

Something as simple as changing the side where your parting sits can add a lift to your hair and a sweeping fringe can be great at creating the illusion of thicker locks. Adding some gentle waves to your style can also give extra texture and a fuller appearance and layers work wonders on shorter styles to help create volume and movement.

Keep styling products to a minimum to avoid weighing hair down

Add texture

Poker-straight locks can sometimes lay a little flat, so add texture to increase the body in your hair. Gently scrunch your hair with your hands as you blow-dry to increase natural texture and don’t define your parting; instead let hair falls where it naturally wants to go to maximise volume at the roots.

Use a round brush

A large round brush is your best friend for adding body and bounce; choose one with vents in the centre barrel so that the air from the hairdryer can penetrate your hair from all angles. Push the brush up into the roots as you dry your hair, lifting the hair up and out with the brush as you pull it away.

Don't overdo it with styling

Keep styling products to a minimum to avoid weighing hair down and only apply to the roots. Use no more than a pea-sized amount of curl or volume-enhancing lotion to towel-dried hair – the less the better. Use large ceramic rollers to roll hair up towards the crown, not under to create the illusion of more volume and bounce. Remove rollers when hair is fully dry and gently separate using your fingers for a loose, floaty feel.

Mini Massage

Give your scalp a DIY mini massage. Massaging the scalp stimulates blood flow, which can strengthen the hair roots. Studies have shown that aromatherapy oils can be beneficial when it comes to fighting fine hair and hair loss. Rosemary for example contains camphor that works to strengthen the hair bulbs and condition.

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