Wellbeing: Three top tips to avoid hangovers


Ever wondered why men seem better able to 'hold their drink' than women? It's because they carry an enzyme that destroys alcohol in the bloodstream. Also, alcohol infiltrates parts of the body that contains water and, therefore, fat. And as women typically carry more body fat than men, they are more severely affected.


Here are three top tips to combating the effects of over-indulging:


* Drink full-fat milk before you go out – it lines the stomach and therefore slows alcohol absorption.


* While you're out, try to match each glass of alcohol with a glass of water with more before bed – alcohol is dehydrating which causes the brain to shrink, in turn pulling on the pain-sensitive filaments connected to the skull causing those hangover headaches.


* Take a spoonful of honey before bed to help replace blood sugar and prevent those cravings you have for junk food the morning after.

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