Girls Aloud find gum's a chum

Chewing helps keep teeth bright and reduces stress

Still in the middle of Girls Aloud's Tangled Up tour and now having to fit in judging for The X Factor, Cheryl Cole's going to have a struggle making sure Simon Cowell remains impressed with her vitality. But at least there'll be no competition when it comes to her dazzling smile.

Simon's renowned for his ultra-bright gnashers and now we know why Girls Aloud's pearly whites are so impressive, too. They apparently ordered 3,500 packs of chewing gum to take with them on tour. And no wonder, because chewing gum can help reduce calorie intake over time, relieve stress and improve focus.

Chewing sugar-free gum after lunch helps reduce the number of calories consumed in the afternoon while the action of chewing actually uses about 11 calories an hour – which could add up to a couple of effortless pounds shed over a year.

Other studies show chewing increases blood flow to the brain by up to 40 per cent, something which may help Cheryl maintain optimum focus when she's got Simon and Louis fighting over acts beside her.

And there's one more plus. Should the multi-tasking of touring and judging send her stress levels soaring, chewing gum releases nervous energy and stimulates the part of the brain that helps reduce tension.

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