Could your smile hold the key to a younger look?

Survey reveals teeth can make us all look older

Liz McLarnon is supporting Listerine's campaign for Stay White 

With almost one-fifth of Brits admitting to covering their mouths when they smile, it's no wonder the state of our teeth is of such concern. And it's not just down to the health of our teeth – a survey commissioned by Listerine, in which 1000 people were questioned about their perceptions of photographically enhanced shades of tooth colour, suggests that discoloured teeth can make the face in which they're set look up to three years older.

Even whitened teeth don't pass with flying colours – two thirds of those questioned reckon naturally white teeth look better than bleached or professionally whitened teeth.

Atomic Kitten Liz McLarnon is supporting Listerine's campaign for Stay White, from £2.39, one of the brand's mouthwashes which is claimed to keep teeth whiter. She told us: "I don't worry about ageing because I would have surgery if I needed it. But I'm obsessed with my teeth, I've had them whitened but I use Listerine Stay White to keep them that way. I like the tingle on your gums!"

Stay White, from £2.39, uses a zinc chloride formula which is clinically proven to reduce the build-up of the tartar that causes discolouration and is available from supermarkets and chemists.