Keira's waist is most wanted

Star's washboard abs top poll

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actress has the stomach which most women want, reveals a new poll 

Tinseltown star Keira Knightley has topped yet another 'most attractive' list with her gorgeous figure. Her fabulously flat abs have been voted the sexiest stomach according to 2000 women surveyed by Antibloat, a clinically researched range of pre- and probiotics developed to help keep tummies free from that feeling of flabbiness.

Dame Helen Mirren came second and Umbrella singer Rihanna third in the poll of both men and women, carried out in time for bikini season to highlight  that how we take care of our insides can be as important as what we do on the outside to keep in shape.

When digestion is poor, waste material and the gases they produce can remain in the stomach for long periods of time, often at high temperatures and pressures, stretching the stomach walls beyond their comfortable limits. Visit for more details.