Stay in shape the celeb way

Find yourself a personal trainer with new website

George Clooney's former girlfriend Lisa Snowdon is just one of the many stars who use a personal trainer to help them keep fit 

Whenever we talk to a celebrity about how they stay in shape, inevitably they've used a personal trainer, even if it's just to give a kick start to a new regime. Trisha Goddard relied on hers so much, she recommends pooling together with friends for group sessions with a trainer if money's tight.

And as Lisa Snowdon pointed out to us: 'So many people waste money on gym memberships they never use. If you can find the money for a trainer, you put your all into it and when you start to see results, you keep going. I notice the difference my workouts make so I'm keen to get back down to the gym,' she laughed.

If you want to get in shape and feel you'd benefit from one-to-one tuition and discipline but don't know where to start in finding a trainer, visit, an online health and beauty service where there is now a team of personal fitness trainers who can be booked via the website to travel to your home or workplace to help you work out.

They cost £35 an hour or £45 for an hour-and-a-half and even offer specific tuition in yoga and Pilates as well as salsa dancing lessons, which cost £55 an hour.