Grab a jab to winter-proof your health

As the cold weather bites, so do the bugs…

Don't let your health be ruined by a cold or flu attack this winter - grab a flu jab from your local Superdrug 

With all these beautiful make-up trends heading our way this autumn/winter – from deep, dark Gothic eyes, to ruby red lips set against pale, perfect complexions – who'd want to spoil it all with dripping noses, scaly skin and under-eye bags caused by cold and flu attacks?

Help protect your health – and your looks – with a flu vaccination. And if you can't get near your doctors' surgery for hordes of already-infected patients, from this month onwards you can head down to Superdrug and grab a jab for £9.95.

The service will be available at 112 stores in the UK and proved so popular last year that shoppers were being vaccinated at the rate of one every eight minutes.

You can pre-book or attend a walk-in clinic –  and don't worry about bursting into tears in public at the sight of the needle as you'll be seen in private and only have to fill in a short questionnaire about your medical history to determine your suitability for the vaccine. You'll also be able to get advice on coughs and colds in general.

As some GP surgeries have to restrict access to the flu vaccine to the most vulnerable, this is a great way of helping protect your health without the hassle. Call 020 8684 7000 to find your nearest store offering the service.