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How the stars stay in shape: singer Lisa Scott-Lee

How the stars stay in shape: singer Lisa Scott-Lee

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"I used to think that by missing breakfast I was doing well. But actually I've found it kick-starts my metabolism so I eat whether or not I'm hungry, going for smoothies or low-fat cereals or muesli and a banana. Of course, I've had to cut back on cake and chocolate. Instead I fill myself up with plenty of water and by adding lots of vegetables to my meals, so I'm too full to want a pudding – at night now I have just white meat and veg instead of red meat and carbs. I keep substantial carbs for daytime to give me energy with my son, Jayden. And I eat every three hours, with three balanced meals and healthy top-ups in-between. Snacking is where people go wrong. For me it used to be crisps, but now I keep ready-prepared carrot and cucumber sticks and low-fat dips such as Philadelphia Lite and reduced fat houmous in the fridge, which satisfies the savoury crunchiness I crave. And I have bags of dried nuts and fruit in my bag."

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