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How the stars stay in shape: nutrition expert Gillian McKeith

How the stars stay in shape: nutrition expert Gillian McKeith

gillian mckeith rare public appearance
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"Eat regularly and often during the day. You can't allow your blood sugar levels to drop so don't think, 'I haven't eaten breakfast, aren't I good?' – it creates imbalances that create cravings. And get moving – walk, dance with your children… Just find something you enjoy enough to do regularly. I've just taken up ice skating with my children and I love it. I go to ceroc, which is like jive dancing and I've even taken hip-hop classes. Exercise can be fun – you don't have to sit in a gym. Once you start moving and loving it, you'll be addicted and that's what you want. Just make sure you incorporate weight-bearing exercise on top – the more muscle you have, the faster you burn calories. And zap your cellulite. Exercise alone won't get rid of cellulite. So dry skin brush every day. It gets lymph, or trapped waste, moving – and that's what cellulite is. Drinking nettle and dandelion teas and eating dark, green leafy veg such as pak choi or broccoli… support liver function, which plays a big role in avoiding cellulite. And milk thistle is great for detoxifying, too."

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