How the stars stay in shape: actress Linda Lusardi

How the stars stay in shape: actress Linda Lusardi "I refuse to weigh myself any more because I think if you're over what you want to be, you starve yourself, and if you're under, you stuff yourself. So I don't know how much I put on. But I use my jeans as a measurement – normally I'm a size ten but I've crept up to a tight 12. Ice skating is great because it targets everywhere a woman wants to hit. Legs, tum, bum… now my bum's rounded and firm and there's no overhang, which makes my legs look longer. Ice skating gives women a great physique, but invest in at least one private lesson to learn the technique correctly. People tend to use a walking motion on the ice, which is wrong. You need to keep in an almost squatting position, with your back straight and your weight over your hips and each leg you push on. You then straighten off at the back with the forward leg remaining bent. You shouldn't be bobbing up and down – your head should always be in the same position and you should remain in an almost seated posture."

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