How the stars stay in shape: TV presenter Melinda Messenger

How the stars stay in shape: TV presenter Melinda Messenger "I do lots of walking with the kids – to school and long walks at weekends – and lots of cycling. And we've got a big trampoline in the garden which I play on. It's amazing how quickly you find muscles you didn't know you had, especially around your stomach. Because it's fun, you also go that much longer without noticing. I have to enjoy my exercise – I get bored very quickly. But my favourite exercises are stomach crunches. I did them after all my babies and had very quick results – more so than with sit-ups. And I swear by those body-toning belts, such as Slendertone. So much of looking after yourself is about motivation or the lack of it – you think, 'What's the point? It'll take forever to see the difference – I'll start next month, next year, whenever.' But you put one of those belts on and suddenly you feel the muscles and that motivates you to keep going. If you don't like exercise that's a strain, try Pilates and yoga. I massively enjoy them because you don't break out into a sweat and they're not exhausting. I've noticed definition in my legs and arms in particular, which are my weakest areas."

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