Caprice surprises with her slimming secrets

Model comes from a family of 'big women' She may not be appearing on the covers of lads' mags so much nowadays, but that's because model Caprice is busy with her lingerie range, which has just gone on sale in Next stores – the first outside underwear brand to be taken on by the high-street chain.

We caught up with her at the tenth anniversary party for fat-burning treatment Hypoxi, to find out how she keeps her figure looking its best. And we were surprised to discover that it's not so easy for the model – although she does have a few tricks up her sleeve, including the aforementioned treatment.

"It's so difficult, it really is," she told us. "I have to exercise three times a week anyway because my family, they're big women. They're big! And I have a tendency to gain weight in two seconds. So all my life I've had to diet and all my life I've had to exercise to keep my weight under control. I hate it, I have to tell you.

"So I was quite excited about Hypoxi because it actually works," she adds. "You get the most unbelievable results right away. I've started seeing cellulite and I'm terrified. Maybe it's all in my head but I'm sure it's started to go within just a couple of sessions."

Rich Hikins, head of Hypoxi in the UK, explains the principles behind the treatment. "When we burn fat with exercise, our blood has to travel through the fat cells to convert the fat to free fatty acids which the muscles use as energy," he says.

"The problem is that the more fat in an area - legs, thighs, bottom, stomach - the harder it is for the blood to pass through.

"What tends to happen, especially in women, is they will burn the fat from the breasts upwards because blood flow is increased in this area. Hypoxi works in the fat-burning zone using different machines to target different areas of the body, using air pressure and compression to direct blood flow."

Treatment usually comprises three, 30-minute sessions a week.

As well as working out and using Hypoxi treatments, Caprice is also careful with her food. "I eat whatever I like throughout the day – until 5pm," she explains. "And then it's only protein, in very small portions – some fish and veg or tofu, not with a lot of sauce or fats. Or I just don't have a meal at all in the evening. I don't have a fat-free diet by any means, but after 5pm I implement a tremendous amount of discipline." Sounds like it!

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