New mother gets in shape to get back to work

Tamzin returns to normal life

Having taken the longest break of her career – from last Christmas to just a few weeks ago – 37-year-old Tamzin Outhwaite is back on the scene, with a new baby to care for and a new series of ITV's The Fixer to film.

"Life since the baby was born has been great – Florence is four months old now," she told us. "At first it was a lot of sleep deprivation but we've managed to figure out a routine that seems to work OK."

Tamzin, who's married to actor Tom Ellis, 29 – another ex-EastEnder (he played doctor Oliver Cousins after Tamzin played Melanie Healey/Owen) – manages to escape the night shift while she's working because Tom takes over, with the roles being reversed when he goes back to work.

But she says she's managing fine on five hours sleep a night, with just a slick of Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat to keep the dark circles at bay.

Tamzin told us she didn't have a perfect experience of pregnancy, with morning sickness, sciatica that prevented her taking as much gentle exercise as she'd have liked and problems with her gums, which drew her to working with Oral-B.

"I'm obsessed with my teeth and going to the dentist and having them cleaned by a hygienist – like more times than is meant to be healthy – and I was trying to get my teeth back together because my gums had been bad while I was pregnant," Tamzin explained.

"But I've been using the Oral-B Triumph power toothbrush now for four or five weeks and it makes my teeth feel how they used to feel when I went to the dentist – cleaner, whiter and brighter. " she continues. "I was very scared of the dentist when I was a child and I don't want that to happen with Florence because the more scared you are, the less you go."

While Tamzin gets her smile back to normal, she says her figure isn’t quite there yet. "My body's not back in shape, but it's on its way, it’s a continual process. But whereas I used to be able to do a couple of sessions in the gym and you'd notice your form come back, it just takes a bit longer now."

"I'm doing it loads of different ways; I'm trying everything. I've got a Pilates class every week, I've got a personal trainer once a week, legs, bums and tums classes once a week - all at the gym."

"But I think it's quite calming having a baby because it puts everything in perspective," she points out. "You worry about your appearance because it's important for filming. But you only have to look at your baby smiling and everything else pales into insignificance," Tamsin says, smiling herself.

Tamsin is the new face of the Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide power toothbrush, which will be available half-price this Christmas, from Boots, Amazon and selected stores. Visit for details.

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