Strictly stars use dance to stay in shape

Kelly and Flavia launch fitness DVD

Kelly and Flavia have teamed up to make a Strictly DVD to help get the nation dancing 
Strictly Come Dancing has proven to be so successful that former celebrity contestant Kelly Brook and professional dancer Flavia Cacace have come together to launch a fitness DVD so we can all use the power of dance to get in shape for 2009.

The soundtrack features music from the likes of Shakira, Gnarls Barkley and Survivor that's bound to get your feet tapping, with four energetic dances that recreate the moves featured on Strictly.

"It was great working with Kelly; she's so lively and bubbly," Flavia told us, as she explained how dance can help shed the pounds and firm the flesh.

"In terms of your health and your shape, all dance is beneficial – you're going to lose weight and tone up," she says.

"The Argentine tango is great for abs as well as legs – there are lots of lunges which work the thighs. It helps with general toning, too, as does even a slow ballroom.

"For cardio and fat burning, the jive and the quickstep get the heart racing.

"All dancing works your abs because that's your core – we keep reminding people throughout the DVD to hold their abs in because that gives them good posture."

Flavia reckons working out three or four times a week with the DVD would produce quick results.

"We tried to keep it as simple as possible and there's plenty of instruction to keep up to the steps. There's a salsa, a jive, Argentine tango and a quickstep with warm-up routines. Always do the warm up," she advises. "That in itself is good exercise anyway. And it's fun – it's to Eye of the Tiger.

"The DVD's about an hour long, but you can just pick the routines you like or alternate them so you don't get bored. And specific routines work your arms, your legs or your bum."

Strictly Come Dancing The Workout With Kelly And Flavia is out now, rrp £19.99.