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Mikyla Dodd reveals stunning new figure

Ex-Hollyoaks star lets us in on her weight-loss secrets

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She used to call herself the "fat girl from Hollyoaks" when her curvy shape made her stand out against the show's famously slender stars. And after losing three stone on Celebrity Fit Club, actress Mikyla Dodd decided to slim down completely, from her heaviest weight of 24.5st to 13.5st. In her new fitness DVD, she shares her exercise and dietary tips."Nothing in my life at the moment is left to chance," Mikyla tells us, as she gives us a preview of her diet. "I am the Tupperware girl. I even measure out blueberries and cashew nuts for my snacks because portion control is vital – I know what I put in that tub is the only thing I should be eating. "Everything I eat is fresh and prepared by me so I know there's nothing hidden in there, such as refined sugars or carbs that give you a rush followed by a crash that makes you hungry again…"Mikyla's daily diet"I make egg frittatas, like an omelette done in the oven with bags of mixed veg from the supermarket, which I boil first. "I have a roasting tin an inch-and-a-half deep and the size of a piece of A4 paper which I fill with six beaten eggs and a splash of milk for moisture, salt and pepper and the cooked veg. (I then stick it) in the oven for 12 minutes at 200 degrees. I cut it into six and have two portions for breakfast every day with roasted veg from the night before. "At least one meal a day involves peppers. I'll roast them, lightly fry them or stuff them with light feta cheese and bits of tomato and grill them. "I'm addicted to rocket and have it topped with dressing made from balsamic vinegar and olive oil, with jumbo king prawns or, because it lasts all week and I don't have to keep going shopping, crayfish in vinegar. Or I use the rocket as the base for a Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, red onions and light feta cheese. "I stir-fry chicken breasts with veg or grill them topped with paprika, cayenne pepper and chilli. Or I'll slice into the chicken and stick in big chunks of fresh garlic. Or I'll wrap it up in a parcel with fresh basil, tomato and black pepper and poach it in the oven. "Once a week I'll treat myself to a fillet steak with sauteed baby leeks and asparagus and roasted veg. "I love ham, rolled up and filled with light cream cheese and cherry tomatoes – I buy them still on the vine because they're tastier and sweeter. "As a snack, I have carrot batons with houmous, but I have to buy the mini ones and restrict myself to just one pot at a time – if I had the normal-sized pots in the fridge, I'd trash the lot in one go."The Lose Weight Workout With Mikyla Dodd, £19.99, is available from, and HMV, among other retailers.

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