Cheryl Cole has a winning smile – it's official

And singer can give us all tips for a happier New Year…

A poll conducted by Orbit Complete has named Cheryl the top celebrity smiler 

Since joining the X Factor and becoming a new national treasure, there hasn't been a poll Cheryl Cole hasn't topped since the show ended in December.

And now she has been voted top celebrity smiler.

The poll was conducted by Orbit Complete and rated Cheryl as having the most appealing smile, followed by Louise Redknapp and Rachel Stevens.

But it also found out what makes us smile the most, with men using their pearly whites to flirt while women are more likely to smile to make friends.

Commenting on the results, body language expert Robert Phipps explains: “Different smiles have markedly different effects. If you’ve got that winning smile, you will naturally be perceived as more confident, pleasant, attractive, sociable and competent.

"A great smile can increase people’s compassion and leniency, influencing the outcome of almost any situation and manipulating the results to your advantage.”

Robert reveals the secrets behind some of our favourite celebrities’ winning smiles – and why some of our top personalities often garner a less-than warm response…

1. Cheryl Cole. The Perfect Smile. A wide smile, with the corners of the mouth curling upwards, revealing top and bottom teeth. "This smile makes you want to smile in return which releases a little burst of happiness endorphins," says Robert.

2. Rachel Stevens. Sweet Smile. A cute smile with a slight friendly tilt of the head. "Shows interest and makes you connect with Rachel through the eyes."

3. Louise Redknapp. Engaging Smile. Mouth slightly open revealing top teeth and the head is raised a little, showing confidence. "Instantly makes you feel like Louise is interested in you."

4. Barack Obama. Confident Smile. Relaxed facial muscles, good eye contact with both sets of teeth visible. "You trust Barack and believe what he says."

5. Simon Cowell. Successful Smile. Lips wide set and open revealing clean looking white teeth. He smiles with inner confidence in his abilities to make things happen. "You want to be around this person because you want to be part of his success."

6. Leona Lewis. Enigmatic Smile. Mouth shut but with just a hint of a smile - the lips like the Mona Lisa. "Indicates there’s more to Leona than meets the eye."

7. Gordon Ramsay. Intense Smile. Serious, close-lipped smile with head angled just slightly downward with intense eye contact, he knows who’s in charge here. "You know that you’re expected to deliver from Gordon and he means business."

8. Alan Carr. Sarcastic Smile. An asymmetric smile with one side of the lip pulled upward which half closes one eye. Often accompanied by a raised eyebrow. "You know to watch what you say or do around Alan or you’ll soon be on the end of his very sharp-witted tongue."

9. Russell Brand. Comedy Smile. An open mouth smile always accompanied by wild wide-looking eyes and raised eyebrows. "When you’re on the end of this type of smile you know you’re in for a devilish laugh or a completely zany time."

10. David Cameron. Inoffensive Smile. Wide spread lips but with barely visible teeth. The smile does not reach all the way to the eyes. "This is non-threatening and pleasant but you know it’s not a genuine outburst of happiness."

11. Victoria Beckham. The Pout. Puckered lips, almost mimicking a kiss, this pout is intended to come across alluring and sexy. "This smile doesn’t always work for Victoria as she often forgets that this appeal also comes from a devilish look in the eyes as well as the mouth."

12. Gordon Brown. Flash Smile. Gordon’s often displays a ‘flash smile’, which appears and disappears from the face in an instant. "This is not a smile that you warm to, as it’s deliberate and we instinctively know it’s a smile employed to gain our trust," concludes Robert.

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