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Who's got the best bod – Jen or Angelina?

Men and women's choices clash

Angelina sold her share of the winery
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There are some things men just don't get. Sarah Jessica Parker is one of them. While she remains beloved of females everywhere for her professionalism, imaginative style and great choice of acting roles, she has admitted to being hurt by polls in men's magazines that rate her unfavourably. And now we have another clash of the sexes as men and women were asked to rate the bodies they admire most. Women put Jennifer Aniston in poll position, with Kelly Brook second and Angelina Jolie third. Men, however, rated Angie and Kelly's curves as joint number one with the more athletic-looking Jen at number three. The poll was conducted by Hoodia Mint, from £13.25, a natural diet supplement made from the African hoodia gordonii plant, the active ingredient of which has shown in tests to send signals to the brain that the body is full. Jennifer Lopez came fourth for both men and women. And maybe reassuringly for those of us who don't have time to spend hours every day working out, Madonna's muscles came in fifth with three per cent of the female vote and none at all of the men's. Hoodia Mint is available from and Holland & Barrett.

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