Jordan's keep-fit routine reaps double the benefits

Jordan's keep-fit routine reaps double the benefits

It's not just her health she's helping

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Exercise helps fitness fan Katie remove toxins from her body  

Katie Price seems to have taken LA culture to her heart, having been pictured out jogging several times since she moved her family over to the States while husband Peter Andre records a new album.

But it's not just her health she's helping.

"The lymphatic system, which gets rid of waste, doesn't have a pump like the circulatory system," explains Charlene De Villiers at the International Dermal Institute.

"So toxins can accumulate. And the body stores them where they can't damage organs – around the hips and thighs, in between fat cells.

"The more toxins that are stored, the more they push the fat cells upwards so they protrude through the supporting fibrous network, creating dimpled lumps and bumps.

"Exercise causes muscles to contract, which is the pumping action upon which the body relies to increase lymphatic flow and therefore the removal of toxins," Charlene tells us.

So if you can't exercise for your health, do it for your derriere.