Lisa Faulkner lends support to MoonWalk

Actress who lost her mother to cancer joins in with celeb friends
Lisa will be among the thousands of women taking part in this year's MoonWalk Photo: ©Walk The Walk 

Star of Spooks, New Street Law and Hotel Babylon Lisa Faulkner has pledged her support to the Playtex MoonWalk, the power walking event through the streets of London at night that last year alone raised £6m for breast cancer causes.

"I lost my mum at 16 to cancer and I have been taking part for the last few years to help raise awareness and much needed funds for this vital charity," Lisa explains. "This year I will be walking with my sister and two good friends of mine, Angela Griffin and Kate Magowan. Although it is always a very emotional experience, we are all looking forward to it and are already discussing bra designs.”

Lisa is, of course, referring to the fact that the 15,000 participants are invited to wear customised bras – over their clothes, if they wish – during the walk. This year the theme is Strictly Walking, bringing the glitz of the ballroom to the walk, which starts at midnight on May 16, 2009 in Hyde Park. All money raised goes to Walk The Walk, the charity behind the event which funds research, equipment and facilities connected to breast cancer.

Although there are no more places left to take part in the London MoonWalk - or a similar challenge in Edinburgh on June 20 - the event is in need of volunteers and supporters. Or there are spaces available to participate in a SunWalk in Bristol on July 5 and Newcastle on July 19.

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