Vanessa Feltz loses two stone in three months – with the help of seaweed

Before embarking on her new regime, Vanessa was a size 18 and weighed 15st 5lbs  

Talking to Vanessa Feltz about her fitness regime recently, we were shocked to learn the presenter and radio host has lost two stone in three months – and she’s crediting a diet aid made from seaweed.

Vanessa has been training three times a week for the past three months and trying to watch what she eats, but she reckons she’s seeing far greater and swifter results than when she’s usually on a health kick thanks to a diet aid called Appesat, the active ingredient of which is a patented fibre complex extracted from seaweed.

“My diet’s always had just a bit too much chocolate or extra portions of cake in it – I don’t often find an apple calling to me,” Vanessa told us.

“And if I was left alone, no-one ever commented on my weight and I wasn’t going to die of diabetes or a heart attack, I’d happily just go for the dessert trolley and ignore all the rest of the food,” she admitted.

But, reaching the stage where she’s realised she wants to be around for her grandchildren as well as her great-grandchildren, the talk show host embarked on this new regime accompanied by the supplement.

“It makes you feel full much sooner than you normally would and you think, ‘Oh, God, I’ve eaten too much’, and then you realise that actually you haven’t,” she said with glee.

Now down to almost 13.5st, Vanessa is also running for 45 minutes three times a week as well as spending time on her home gym equipment – a step machine, cross trainer and stationary bike. Although she told us she’d really rather hang washing on them.

“My diet now is really rather sensible and magnificent,” she added, half with pride and half with frustration.

“Grilled fish, chicken, sushi, salad and cherries for a treat – and, yes, they’ve got lots of sugar in them, but they’re less fattening than a piece of cake or pie or ice cream, which are all the things I’d really like to eat!”

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