Laila Rouass and co keep the Christmas calories down

Not surprisingly, Strictly's Laila Rouass stays in shape by dancing as much as she can at Christmas parties 

Its a time of indulgence and noone wants to be a party pooper and suggest we spend Christmas in a state of permanent restraint. But neither do we want to splurge so much we start the New Year practically living at the gym. So we asked a few lissom celeb pals how they plan to keep in shape over the festive period while still enjoying themselves.

Laila Rouass: "I eat little meals throughout the day rather than one huge one that makes you feel stuffed. It means I can still eat everything, just not a lot. And I limit myself – one Quality Street occasionally instead of a handful. If I’m going to a party, I dance for as long as possible to burn the calories – the jive is great because you’re on your toes a lot so it works your calves, thighs and bum. And a quickstep is good aerobic exercise."

Lilia Kopylova: "As a dancer, I try to avoid carbs, too, because they make you feel so bloated, especially white bread, rice and pasta. So, before a party, I’ll have a bowl of gluten- and wheat-free pasta which fills me up so I don’t eat lots of sausage rolls."

Saira Khan: "I drive to as many parties as possible so I have no choice but to not drink. And I start weighing myself every day – if you see the pounds going on, you cut back straight away rather than letting them pile up until you’re suddenly half a stone heavier."

Katy Hill: "I’ll have hopefully given birth to my second child by Christmas so I’ll have had enough of indulging myself. But I don’t go mad for weeks anyway, just Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Then I picture how long I’m going to have to spend on the treadmill to work off that box of chocolates or how tight my New Year’s Eve party dress is going to look and it stops me pigging out. And I wear fitted clothes so I can immediately feel the effect of my gluttony."

Claire Young: "It’s difficult to avoid the temptations of the party season so I try to compensate by getting moving much more than usual – fitting in an extra gym class, walking as far as possible, even going shopping. And I stick to clear drinks – vodka and gin – with low-cal mixers. I do try to think twice before simply shoving another piece of food into my mouth, limiting treats at least until I’m hungry."