Strike a pose: get picture perfect instantly

Awards season has started in earnest and it’s impossible not to notice that celebrities belong to a secret club when it comes to working it in front of the camera – when was the last time an A-lister was caught slouching and looking bloated while on duty?

It’s because they soon learn from each other how to pose like a pro, with just a hand here and an elbow there making them look elegant, natural and, of course, as slender as possible.

Learn a few of their moves to make sure you look as picture perfect as an A-lister on the red carpet.

It’s all about the angle - Instead of standing front-on to the camera, angle your body slightly – it makes the torso and shoulders appear less wide.

Hands on hips - Standing with your hands straight down by your side makes the whole torso appear wider while hiding the waistline. Angle both arms with hands on the hips – the gap the line creates away from the body helps the torso look more shapely.

Stand firm - Point one foot in front of the other to make legs appear more slender.

Keep moving - If you’re the centre of attention and are having lots of cameras pointed at you, keep your head moving slowly to take them all in – it keeps your expression more natural and less posed.