Flying beauty tips

Ten tips to step off the plane looking your best

If you're lucky enough to be heading off for an exotic holiday this summer, the chances are that it's preceded by a plane journey, maybe even quite a long fight. So, you've treated yourself to some new summer outfits, you've packed your bikini and your strappy sandals... and the last thing you want is to arrive at your destination looking a wreck.

But a few hours in a plane can have a devastating effect, particularly on complexion and hair, so let's take a look at a few things you can do so you step off the plane all ready to wow the locals.

  • Relative humidity in the plane tends to be around 10%. That's really low and is going to have a dehydrating effect on your skin. Use a water-rich moisturiser (rather than oil-rich) before you travel, as this will help to keep your skin fresh and stop it losing moisture.

It's not just the skin that suffers with low humidity, though, and you'll need to drink to keep hydrated. Fizzy drinks have a bloating effect, tea and coffee are diuretics and alcohol will exacerbate dehydration. Choose water, energy drinks and juices to combat the problem.

If you want to look your best after travelling, it's better to wait until the end of the journey to put on your face, rather than relying on touching up the effect you've been wearing for hours. If you do decide to make up before you travel, keep thing simple and limit yourself to a tinted moisturiser, a touch of blusher, clear mascara and lip gloss. 

  • Wear loose clothes that don't wrinkle. Any spills or stains should be less ovious on dark colours, but it's a good idea to carry a spare top in your hand luggage. And don't forget to keep a wrap handy in case the air-conditioning gets too much. If you're travelling in sandals, you might want to slip on some socks to keep your feet warm. Remember, though, that your feet will swell during the flight so if you take your shoes off while in the air, you may have problems later. 

  • A sleep mask can be useful if you hope to do more than just doze on the journey, as sleep quality is better when light is cut out. Let the cabin crew know in advance if you don't want to be woken for meals – if you have a few cereal bars and a bottle of water with you, you'll be able to eat when it suits you. 

  • Support hosiery is a great way to avoid circulation problems. As well as tights (which help combat swelling in legs), you can also get support socks, so the guys can benefit, too. 

  • To keep the circulation going in feet and legs while sitting, flex your ankles in an up-and-down motion, as if you were using an old-fashioned treadle sewing machine.

Moisturising tissues and baby-wipes can be a godsend for cleansing, refreshing, cooling...

Remember that summer is a good time to give your hair a rest from too many products; travel with it as clean of lacquers and gels as possible. 

  • On arrival, an 'instant balm', such as Clarin's Beauty Flash Balm will act as a pick-me-up to restore your skin's natural radiance.

Don't forget the same tricks apply to the return journey, too!

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