Claire Benson tells us all about Hypnogogo - a new workout for the body and the mind


Claire Benson tells us all about Hypnogogo - a new workout for the body and the mind

Once in a while, an idea comes along that looks set to shake up exercise trends and become 'the next big thing'. Hypnogogo, a series of new mind and body workouts, launches this week, and combines running tips, positive thinking and affirmation to tap into the subconscious mind while you exercise – and it's set to be huge. caught up with Claire Benson, the creator and brains behind this new venture, to find out more.

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"Basically, Hypnogogo is a mind and body workout," explains Claire. "The thinking behind it was that someone signed me up to do a half marathon and I'd never run a footstep in my life. While I was training I realised just how boring running is. Also, I was trying to lose weight at the time, and I've always wanted to find time to listen to those fabulous, hypnotic weight loss CDs, but as a busy working mum I could never find half an hour at home to do it.

"One day I thought, 'Why don't I bring these two things together?' At the same time I was training as a hypnotherapist. I wanted to find a way to make all this marathon training as pleasurable as possible for myself so I drew on my hypnosis skills, my writing skills and my coaching skills which I use in my private practise, and put it all together to create Hypnogogo."

So what exactly is Hypnogogo? "It's a series of recordings – there are three: weightloss, confidence and success," she explains. "The idea is that you listen to them while you run, and they guide you through a meditative coaching and creative visualisation work out while you exercise – so your imagination - as well as your body - is getting a work out.

"I had the music specially written so it's both hypnotic and uplifting – and there are three separate pieces of music and three separate pieces of words, one for each recording.

"The way it works is that the recordings take advantage of the hypnotic, trance-like state you achieve while running, and use that opportunity to really tap into the subconscious mind, which is fully alert when your conscious mind is distracted by doing the actual running.

"In order to achieve success, whatever your goal is – whether it's reducing your weight, having more confidence or much more generic success, it's really important to know exactly what it is you'd like to achieve. It encourages you to really, truly focus on what it is that you want by using creative visualisation – a technique that makes you sees yourself how you want to be.

"For example, if you had more confidence in a part of your life, how would life be different for you? What would be the benefits? How would you dress yourself? It encourages you to see yourself like that in the future. When we see ourselves as something, we're half way there."

Hypnogogo is the brainchild of Claire Benson, a London based hypnotherapist. To download hypnogogo, visit or iTunes. If you are interested in seeing Claire as a private client email

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