Weight loss know-how

Six keys to healthy weight loss

Diets and weight-loss are big business, and all of a sudden this nutrition plan or that fitness-and-health regime becomes the focus of media attention.

For those of us who seem to spend our whole lives trying to lose weight, it's a big temptation to try out these new ideas the moment they hit the headlines. Remember, though, that if you need to lose a substantial quantity of weight, you should opt for a healthy weight-loss plan under strict medical supervision.

We are all different and a diet is far more likely to work if it is personalised to take into account bodily needs and lifestyle. And don't overlook the general guidelines for sensible dieting:

  • Weight loss – particularly the loss of fatty tissue – should be controlled.
  • A good diet will not make you feel hungry. It's important that you feel positive, relaxed and optimistic about your diet. If the diet is a chore to follow, you're likely to abandon it before it has achieved its goals.
  • Muscle mass should not be affected.
  • Weight loss should not happen so abruptly that it results in sagging skin.
  • The objective is to lose weight, but the maintenance of long-term results is more important than a fast result.
  • The real focus should be on health rather than simply on what the bathroom scales say.

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