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Don't hide your knees!

The need-to-know for knees on show


With the imminent arrival of the good weather, we'll be donning our summer skirts and dresses and knees will 'come to light' again. But if they've spent the winter covered by woolly tights or trousers, they may not be quite ready to be seen, so we've put together some knee-care tips to get them looking their best.


The skin of your kneesIn comparison with other body areas, the skin of the knees – rather like the elbows – is thick and coarse; this means it has a tendency to appear rough and dingy. To brighten it up, there's nothing like rubbing it with a half lemon every other day: the citric acid will help dissolve dead skin cells and also act to bleach and lighten the skin a little. Meanwhile, on the alternate days, exfoliate gently with a mitt to gradually restore softness. And don't skip essentials: make sure you moisturise thoroughly every day. 

Tackling cellulite
When there's a local problem of cellulite in the knee area – which may be due to a number of different reasons, including circulation problems, fluid retention or a sedentary lifestyle, and isn't necessarily related to excess weightyou can opt for specific treatments such as mesotherapy. Remember that although this is a non-surgical treatment, it's still important to check that the centre offers the relevant guarantees and complies with quality and safety norms. The downside? It's a bit pricey. However, results can be quite good, especially if followed up by booster sessions. Useful exercises    
Ask at your gym for specific exercises for knees and for legs in general, as these are a great way to achieve a firm, sleek appearance. Work out activities such as spinning or weights, and other exercise and fitness disciplines such as yoga, tai chi and fencing, which strengthen and tone, are all recommended. 

Diet matters As with other parts of the body, nutrition plays an important role in laying a sound foundation for the health and well-being of your knees, an area prone to arthritis in later life. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, which should include oily fish, plenty of fresh fruit and veg, grains and pulses. And keep hydrated, especially in the hotter weather, by drinking herbal teas and water throughout the day.

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