Massage for tired eyes

Try this at the end of a long day

Perhaps the office has been extra stuffy, you've been poring over the small print of a report, or you've spent the whole day in front of the computer screen; whatever the reason, at the end of the day, you can feel the pressure built up behind your eyes.

Take a couple of minutes before you go to bed and try this simple massage. It should help relieve that pressure, and your eyes will feel clearer and brighter when you wake.

Place your fingertips over your eyebrows. Starting at the bridge of the nose and working towards the temples, apply a slight pressure with each of your fingers in turn. Repeat the same movement on the lower eyelid with the fingertips on the edge of the eye socket. Repeat three times. Remember that the skin around the eyes is delicate, so be careful to use a gentle pressing motion and avoid dragging or stretching the skin.