Your summer home work-out in just ten steps

Ten basic tips to get the most out of exercising at home

“I know I should exercise in summer, but I just can't be bothered!” If that's the way you feel, then be reassured that there are plenty of others just like you. After all, summer's the time for sitting in the sun, enjoying a beer of a coffee with friends at a sunny cafe, not for starting a new extreme exercise regime.

So, if you're in this situation, and don't want exercise to become one of your unmet goals this summer, take a look at these ten golden rules from Trainido, an online personal training service founded by Jesus Carballo, twice world high bar champion. See how you can keep in shape this summer without leaving home:

  1. The importance of place
    Choose a room in the house and stick to it for your work-out, so that it becomes associated with exercise. This choice can be more important than you think. Most people assume the lounge will be the best place for working out, as it's usually the largest room of the house. Bear in mind, though, that if the lounge is a share space, it may not be the easiest place to work out undisturbed. Remember, too, that your work-out area should be clear, well ventilated and light and that you should be able to adjust the temperature if necessary.
  2. Set your goals
    Different people have different bodies, different needs and different goals, so they need to do different exercises. Whether in person or on-line, a personal trainer can help by advising and encouraging, as well as planning each work-out to help meet personal objectives.
  3. Two's company
    If you get a friend or partner to work out with you, you will encourage and motivate each other, as well as making it more likely you'll keep to your commitment. But do be careful who you choose as your work-out partner, or you may find it becomes a coffee and gossip session instead. Remember, too, that the two of you don't need to be doing the same exercise routine, and your goals may be very different.
  4. Set a daily routine
    For most people, exercising first thing in the morning is best as you are more relaxed, and less likely to be interrupted: as the day goes on, other things crop up and delays have a knock on effect – and it's usually the exercise routine that gets passed over.
  5. Music, maestro!
    Quite simply, exercising to music is more fun. Music is energising and makes you want to start moving, and the beat helps you keep going. If you don't want your home work-out to turn into a chore, music is essential.
  6. Don't forget to warm up
    We all know that warming up before your work-out helps reduce the risk of injury, but it also gets the body and mind into the right mood for exercise, so it's important to take at least five minutes flexing and stretching before the real work-out starts. Don't forget: the warm up session isn't supposed to cause fatigue or weariness; it's meant to relax you and prepare you to get the most out of your exercise regime.
  7. Don't dehydrate
    Make sure your sportswear is made of a fabric that's designed to breathe and dissipate body heat, and always keep some water handy. Don't wait until you feel thirsty before you take a drink, as thirst is actually an indication that your body is already dehydrated.
  8. Think ahead
    If you're working out in summer, it is possible that you'll be overcome by the heat at some point, so think ahead so you are ready to cope. If it does happen, stop exercising and relax; make sure you're properly hydrated by taking small sips of either water or a sports drink; moisten a towel and apply it to help lower body temperature. If there's usually someone else in the house while you exercise, make sure they know what you're doing and what they need to do if there's a problem.
  9. Stretch
    Once the daily workout is over, you should spend some time stretching. This will not only prevent aching muscles, stitches and general after-exercise aches and pains, but will increase mental and physical relaxation and help prepare you to face the day.
  10. Enjoy yourself!
    Perfect physical and mental health isn't only about working out: it's also about having fun and enjoying your time with friends and family. So, when your work-out's done, make the most of the summer sunshine and have fun!
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