Spring is in the air (and pollen, too)

Come spring, lots of us suffer from allergy symptoms. Although experts forecast a mild season, many are already beginning to experience those first telltale signs.

Even the slightest allergic reactions affect the eyes, with itchiness, redness, watering, light sensitivity, swelling, plus sniffling and sneezing and sometimes a runny nose too.

Eye allergies and other symptoms can affect our quality of life. City people are especially prone as there tends to be more pollution in metropolitan areas. It all depends on our susceptibility, and exposure to pollen.


If you're already feeling miserable, here are five basic natural remedies that can help:

1. Hand Hygiene: Wash your hands often to stop yourself from touching or rubbing your eyes with dirty hands.

2. Eye Cleansing: Keep the area around your eyes clean and remove your eye make-up before bedtime. Occasional eye baths, saline or artificial tears are helpful ways to ease the symptoms. However, if the symptoms still persist after a thorough washing, it's time to go see a specialist.

3. Glasses vs. contact lenses: Try sporting a new look with glasses. Celebs like Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway have transformed glasses from geeky to trendy. With all different styles, shapes and colours, you can pick the perfect pair for your unique personality. Wearing them will also give your eyes a break from your contacts and help alleviate allergy symptoms.

4. Windows: Now that the weather is nicer, opening the car windows to enjoy the fresh air is quite tempting. But being exposed to the air can worsen your symptoms. Until your eyes improve, keep the windows of your car and house shut. Too stuffy? The best time to air out your vehicle and house is either early in the morning or late at night.

5. Outdoors vs. indoors: Try to stay inside on days that have a high pollen count. Can't resist soaking up the sun? That is more than understandable - just don't forget your sunglasses!