Beauty tips: say goodbye to swollen ankles

Now that the sun’s out, fluid retention is a common complaint.

Two places we feel the heat most are our legs and our feet. When the temperatures rise, anyone with a tendency to swollen ankles and tired legs will tell you that they suffer more than ever.


Swollen ankles, also called edema, isn't only suffered by expectant mothers. It's caused by warmer weather and is felt more by those with vascular problems.

Do you want to get rid of swollen ankles? Take note of these three easy tips:

• If you are prone to having swollen joints, try to avoid fizzy drinks and salty foods as they actually decrease blood circulation, causing liquid build-up, or swelling

Do exercises that facilitate drainage. One such exercise is to elevate your legs regularly, providing a small massage from your ankles to your inner thigh, and then rotate the foot with the biggest circular movement possible. If you have to sit down for long periods of time at the office, get up every few hours to stretch. Sneak a bathroom trip in just to walk around to stimulate the blood flow

• If you have tried everything but still suffer from fluid retention, try going to see a professional. A lymphatic drainage massage provided by an expert can help solve the problem