Slendertone: An easier way to whip your abs into shape

We have already suggested sit ups as part of an exercise regime to help you spring into shape.

But if you simply don’t have the time for lengthy workouts or going to the gym, there is an easier way to help get that washboard stomach you've always dreamed of.

Just 20 minutes using the Slendertone Premium Abs belt will provide a complete abdominal workout equivalent to 120 sit ups that works in harmony with busy schedules and daily routines.


You can use it anywhere – at work, around the house, whilst taking a walk or exercising.

And it is clinically proven to be effective – users lost an average of 1.4 inches from their waistlines and 100% reported firmer, more toned abs in four weeks. 

Described by celebrity fitness expert Jarod Chapman as a "secret weapon to achieve the toned abs we all strive for," it uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology to deliver a complete abdominal workout to the Rectus, Oblique and Transversus Abdominis core muscles.

The EMS technology works by mimicking the body’s natural muscle movements, sending signals to activate the nerves which generate comfortable contractions to train, tone and strengthen muscles.

£149, available from

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