Clean skin: Caring for your epidermis

It is often said that too much of something is just as bad as too little. And with skincare, it is no different.

We aren’t saying that good hygiene is bad and that you shouldn’t use soap and water at all.

But the surprising truth is that it is better for your skin to skip a washing occasionally than scrubbing relentlessly with all your might to clean it, most of all when you have a delicate epidermis.


One of the skin’s main functions is to protect the body against rough, external elements, and to do that it needs the external shield called the hydrolipidic layer, an invisible film formed mainly by natural oil and sweat that develops and represents the first line of the skin’s defence.

This layer is very important and efficient, but soap and water can wash it away. However, the skin recovers and recreates that protective barrier, given sufficient time to rebuild.

If we space out our cleansing rituals, we will give our skin a fighting chance. Keep in mind that the hydrolipidic layer needs between 12 and 24 hours to be re-established.

What is the solution to being clean without damaging our epidermis? For daily hygiene, you only need a quick shower, and always with a neutral soap.

If you need to shower more because of going to the gym or on hot summer days, we recommend that you reduce the duration, avoid the use of very hot water and limit washing to only the important areas like your underarms.

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