Stretch towards a better posture

You can gain flexibility and elasticity while improving the quality of your movements and correcting your posture

Think about how you wake up every morning.

Together with the well-known yawns – not to mention the sleepy, usually unattractive morning face – that moment when you stretch out and your body starts to activate follows soon after.

The fact is that few movements are so second nature to humans as stretching out while waking up. It is a basic and instinctive reaction to the stiffness that the muscles undergo during sleep.


Herein lies the principle of stretching classes, a discipline in ever increasing demand at British gyms owing to the necessity to correct day-to-day postural habits.

Step by step

Following the instructions of a trained coach, the whole body is flexed and stretched from head to toe in an attempt to counteract the day-to-day stiffness the muscles suffer, especially when you adopt the same posture for a lengthy period of time.

Flexibility and elasticity are thus gradually acquired while quality of movement is improved, and posture corrected. From there, showing off a more silhouetted and slender figure is just within reach. To top it all off, it also stimulates lymphatic drainage, thereby eliminating toxins.

Suitable for people from all walks of life

One of the biggest advantages of stretching lies in the fact that it is mild and can be practised by anyone, given that each person only stretches as far as they can, never driving him or herself to extremes nor causing extreme pain, albeit the occasional discomfort from pushing your muscles to lengthen and extend beyond their usual range.

In the end, you'll enjoy a feeling of wellbeing produced by the relief from tense muscles, comparable to the feeling of just having received a massage.

This does not by any means signify that no effort is involved... Ideally, stretching sessions should be carried out once or twice per week along with other aerobic and muscle toning exercises. Fancy having a go?

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