Five steps towards a flat stomach this summer

Now that we're in the summer months, lots of us are thinking about getting into a bikini and hitting the beach.

As we know, yo-yo dieting is only a short-term fix, and the chances are you'll gain all the pounds you lost, plus a few more on top.

But don't worry, all is not lost. A flat stomach is still within reach for when you jet off on holiday.


Petronella Ravenshear, advisor to many a celebrity, has five top tips for a bloat-free bikini belly on the beach this summer.

1. Avoid fizzy drinks

2. Don't mix carbs (bread, potato, rice) with protein (meat, fish, chicken) unless you’ve got perfect digestion.

Protein takes much longer to digest than carbs so while the carbs are waiting for the protein to be digested, they begin to ferment. And with fermentation comes wind and bloating

3. Cut down on sugar because it leads to fermentation in your gut.

Sugar feeds the bad bacteria and yeast which contribute to wind and bloating

4. Chew your food! If you chew your food really well there’s less work for your digestive system to do.

Chewing means that food will be digested more quickly with less likelihood of bloating and wind

5. Try taking a liquid probiotic.

Petronella recommends Symprove, to give energy to your intestines.

Probiotics help to get rid of trapped wind and constipation. As soon as they hit the gut they start cleaning up and forcing out the bad bacteria and yeast, which both make bloating and gas worse

An ION graduate, Petronella Ravenshear is a Functional Medicine Practitioner. She is currently studying psychoneuroimmunology at the Natura Foundation. She has her own clinic in Chelsea, London SWE where she specialises in weight loss and digestive disorders.

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