Always Infinity revolutionises sanitary towels

Many of us avoid wearing sanitary towels due to their heavy, clumsy nature.

But Always have launched a revolutionary new product that promises to change these views – Always Infinity.

New to the UK, these innovative pads are from liquid, creating a unique foam core that absorbs up to ten times its own weight in liquid.


What's more, it moulds to your body, in a similar way to memory foam, so you barely feel it. It pings back to its original shape without bunching.

"We believe that women should be able to live their everyday lives worry free, even during their periods,” explains Edith Tilly, Senior Scientist at P&G Always.

"By designing a product that helps women to feel free from distractions caused by their periods, we can help women to achieve their goals on a personal and professional level. We are thrilled to add this new innovation that is the next generation of pads to the Always portfolio of products."


Edith continues, "Unlike pads which use fibres, Always Infinity is made of liquid foam to absorb liquid . Microdots on the pad help to pull liquid away from the skin and lock it away in the dual layer structure, delivering pro tection which remains soft and flexible for a comfortable wearing experience."

Always Infinity is now available nationwide. For further information, visit