Charming Duchess named Britain's best smiler

She has been praised for her easy charm, stunning sartorial choices and her 5ft 8in, model-like physique.

Now, a new honour has been added to the Duchess of Cambridge's vast repertoire of desirable traits – Kate has been named 'Britain's Best Smiler'.

An accolade which HELLO! Online believes to be very well-deserved – the brunette beauty is often spotted flashing her warm, genuine smile, her eyes twinkling.



Coming a close second, according to the survey conducted by ecigarettedirect, was TV presenter Holly Willoughby.

The blonde bombshell is known for her happy, bubbly nature that instantly puts her interviewees at ease.

The third spot was taken by reality TV queen Kim Kardashian, who has wowed the world over with her stunning looks.

And it came as no surprise that David Beckham made the top five – the footballer's lovely smile has bagged him plenty of top modelling jobs.



Britain's best smiles

1. Duchess of Cambridge
2. Holly Willoughby
3. Kim Kardashian
4. David Beckham
5. Tulisa