Detox: doing a four-day juice cleanse

Having gained a few (lots of) pounds over the festive period and in dire need of an inner detox, I jumped at the chance to do a juice diet. I'd heard tales of dramatic weight loss and increased wellbeing from colleagues and friends who had already given it a go.

Despite my enthusiasm, I was sceptical about my willpower. The thought of not chewing for four days seemed daunting… A big eater who finds it hard to go a few hours without food, would I really be able to see this through?


Raw & Juicy had been recommended to me by a friend and I got started the day after Boxing Day, with the first day's four juices delivered to my home the night before.

Stomaching some of the more vegetable-heavy juices was difficult at first but that turned out to be the least of my problems… Trying to consume spoonfuls of spirulina, clay, aloe vera and husk was far from easy! It is, however, necessary to take these supplements while juicing to replace important vitamins, as Raw & Juicy founder Stephanie Morgan, who is on call 24 hours a day for juicers, informed me.

I was told I would be experiencing headaches, fatigue and possibly even flu symptoms during the first few days of the cleanse – due to your body eliminating toxins – but I felt fine, great even. I was focused and felt a definite increase in my concentration levels. I even considered carrying on for longer than the initially planned four days.

By day three, however, hunger had set in. But rather than stomach grumbling, it was in my head – I missed food. Unsurprising, I suppose, for someone whose day generally revolves around eating.

At the end of day four I went to bed with my cup of broth – juicers are allowed this every night and I guarantee it becomes the most exciting part of the day – happy in the knowledge that I had cleansed my body and, of course, would be able to eat the next day.

Jumping on the scales the next morning was exciting – I had lost six pounds and was even thinner than before Christmas! I eased myself back onto solid foods with fruit and vegetables for half a day and don't plan on ruining my hard work any time soon!

Prices start at £350 per week, including a personal consultation. Visit or ring 0870 360 1112.
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