The top 10 best fitness apps

Julie Delahaye

When it comes to getting in shape, most of us start with the best of intentions but soon struggle to stay motivated. Luckily nowadays help is just a click away, thanks to a wealth of new fitness apps to help you stay on track no matter what your fitness goal. Whether you want to try yoga or want to get abs, we take a look at the best fitness apps you'll want to download – scroll below for the full list.


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We rounded up the top 10 best fitness apps

The best app for getting started: Couch to 5K®

This award-winning app creates a nine-week plan that aims to have you able to run 5K in just 30 minutes. The schedule includes three runs a week, and provides a simple and effective way to ease yourself into a regular workout routine. Plus, once you've completed the challenge, you can move on to other training such as for 10K or even a half marathon.

£2.99, available on Android and iOS.

The best app for motivation: Charity Miles

If you're struggling to stay motivated when you run, or need a boost when you train for a race, this is the app for you. Choose from nine charities, and then pick an activity from running, walking, or cycling. Use the app to track your progress and Charity Miles will donate a certain amount of money from their corporate sponsors to the charity of your choice, based on the distance you cover. So not only will you be in shape, but you'll be doing a good deed too.

Free, available on Android and iOS.

The best app for yoga: Daily Yoga

Whether you're a complete beginner or a practiced yogi, Daily Yoga has routines that cater to every level. There's a wide range of different plans, from classes tailored for runners, to easy routines to help you tone up. The endless list of classes will have you feeling like you're carrying a yoga studio right in your pocket.

Free, available on Android and iOS.


Try new exercises such as yoga with free apps

The best app for running: RunKeeper

If you're looking to up your running game, this is the app for you. Using GPS, RunKeeper tracks how far you've run, as well as giving you audio updates throughout your run such as your pace, or the amount of time you've been active. The app also offers a series of challenges you can compete in for prizes, to help you stay motivated. Training for a race? There's tailored running programmes to help you achieve your goals in a healthy way – and you can share your progress on social media.

Free, available on Android and iOS.

The best app for general fitness: Nike+ Training Club

For those with a specific fitness goal in mind, whether it's toning up or working on strength, this app has tailored plans to help achieve it. The exercises can be done both in the gym or at home, and you can choose whether to focus on specific areas, or go for full body workouts. With beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, there's something for anyone looking to stay in shape.

Free, available on Android and iOS.

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Track your progress both at the gym and at home

The best app for cycling: Strava

Often hailed as the go-to app for cyclists around the world, Strava uses GPS to help your track your rides, including details such as distance covered and the speed at which you cycled. You can add a dose of friendly competition by checking your times against other cyclists around the world, take part in challenges and even join cycling clubs. A must-download for any bicycle enthusiast.

Free, available on Android and iOS.

The best app for getting abs: Runtastic Six Pack

Don't have the budget for a personal trainer to help you get coveted abs? This app is the next best thing. Choose from avatar trainers Daniel and Angie, and follow video workouts to work those core muscles. As well as having over 50 unique videos paired with pumping music, there's training plans and daily tips to help you stay focused.

Free, available on Android, iOS and Windows.

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Many apps have handy tutorials for new workouts

The best app for walking: MapMyWalk

Just 30 minutes of brisk walking a day could significantly improve your health, and it's such an easy way to stay active. With MapMyWalk, you can track how far you've walked, including distance, pace, speed, and at what elevation. The app also lets you know how many calories you've burned, handy if weight loss is one of your aims.

Free, available on Android and iOS.

The best app for having fun: Fitocracy

Working out can sometimes seem more like a chore than for leisure. However with Fitocracy, your fitness regime becomes a game – it focuses more on the fun of exercising rather than aiming for specific goals. You can handpick different workouts or follow specific schedules – and each time you work out, you win 'points' that help you complete levels, similar to a video game. There's quests, challenges and even duels to add a twist to usual exercise routines.

Free, available on Android and iOS.

The best app for quick workouts: The 7 Minute Workout

Following the same principles as High Intensity Interval Training, this app consists of 12 exercises that can be performed in seven minutes and achieve the equivalent of an hour's workout – perfect for those who struggle to find the time to hit the gym. Try doing these in the morning – they increase your metabolism so you feel the benefits throughout the day.

Free, available on Android and iOS.

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